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Registration for

Mission Camp Macon

(July 9 - 16)

is finally open!



Watch Lake Forest Ranch’s 2021 Mission Camp Macon video HERE


Find Camper Guidelines HERE.



1) Click HERE and then and click on the “individual registration” button.

2) There are three sections that must be fully completed before the child is actually “Registered”: the Camper Profile Section, Parental Consent Form, and the Medical Information Form. Adult Leaders will have a separate form to fill out. Please make sure the parents complete the Medical Information form fully.”

3) Use code 3956 to sign up under Coastline Navarre.

Please remember that this mission trip is ONLY for youth to young adults age 14-21.

Mission Trip Summary:

The mission of Lake Forest Ranch is “Building Relationships for Eternal Impact.”

Lake Forest Ranch is not a conference like “Student Life” and “Centrifuge”, but rather it is truly a summer camp experience for church youth groups. While conferences may focus on large group energy, the focus at LFR is one-on-one evangelism, mentoring, and discipleship of young people led by godly college age staff members. 

“Camp Macon” was started in July of 2004 by Lake Forest Ranch, as an opportunity to give back to their local community- a community that was learning how to trust each other after years of division. LFR's goal is to bring love to the kids and youth of Macon for one week out of the summer, with hopes of reaching out in love the rest of the year. Our story is simple, to be love to the city of Macon. The two ways they are reaching out are through various kid's camps being offered at local churches and the teen Sports Camp held at Lake Forest Ranch. 

Camp Macon is an opportunity for church youth groups to bring their “student missionaries” to one of the poorest counties in America (Noxubee) and share the love of Jesus and gospel message with young people in rural areas who need hope. It’s an incredible opportunity for discipleship, growth, worship, friendship and helping teens learn to share their faith freely as the Lord opens doors and the spirit leads.

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