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Sunday Sermon Resources


Follow-up Questions
Book of Galatians

Galatians Chapter 4


1. What does adoption mean for a Christian?

2. How is legalism a step back into childhood?

3. What does "redemption" mean?  How is it important to you?

4. What are some differences between being a servant and being a son?  How does this apply to the Christian life?

5. Is there anything you would do differently if you more fully saw yourself as God's adult son and heir?  If so, what?

6. "If we observe special days like slaves, hoping to gain some spiritual merit, then we are sinning."  What role, if any, do special days have in your Christian life?

7. What are some characteristics of a false teacher?

8. "The task of the spiritual leader is to get people to love and follow Christ, not to promote himself and his ministry."  Give some examples of both of these kinds of leaders.

9. How does legalism cause Christians to lose the "enjoyment" of their salvation?

10. What does enjoying your salvation involve for you?

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