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Sunday Sermon Resources


Follow-up Questions
1John 2          

  1. Verses 1-2: Who is my advocate, and why do I need one? 

  2. God loves the world and set His plan in motion long ago.  How would God bless the world in Genesis 12:3? 

  3. Does this blessing guarantee my salvation or does it provide the opportunity?  

  4. How can I know Jesus (v. 3)?

  5. True or False: It’s easy to always keep Jesus’ commandments if I work really hard.  (Refer back to 1:8-2:2 and rest in that)

  6. In verse 9, the word ‘brother’ refers to a fellow believer. Can I think of a time when I was living in darkness, hating a brother? Am I still struggling with it? What can I do?

  7. In verses 12-14, what are the seven reasons John wrote to them? Insert your name wherever you read the words ‘little children’, ‘fathers’, and ‘young men’. 

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