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His Girl is Willing

Pop culture has it's "It Girl." Taylor Swift? Megan Markle? Guess it depends on who you ask. The world is fickle, their standards often arbitrary and ever changing. But whatever "it" is, she has "it."

Or you have your "All American Girl." Sandra Bullock comes to mind - or Lindsey Vonn. Perfection -- at least on paper.

The feminist says she wants to be "Her Own Girl." She can bring home the bacon AND fry it up in a pan...

Bonnie Raitt said she is "Nobody's Girl." (It's a great song - look it up.) Sometimes that's the safest emotional bet.

I used to be a "Daddy's Girl," tucked in the bend of his knees as he lay on the couch watching television, and bringing him coffee in bed on Saturday mornings.

When I was 27, I became Joe Keenan's Girl. He was the first boy who was ever brave enough to call me, "darlin'," which still makes me weak in the knees when he has the nerve.

So what does it mean to be God's Girl? I dare say He is best qualified to define that. As we peer into the mirror of His Word, He reflects back the person He means for us to be. So many times, in a valley of hurt or desperation, after mulling over and over all the ways I want to handle it, ways that do not match the reflection of His Word, He brings me to a place I can whisper, "...but I want to be Your Girl."

And I don't have to eek it out. I dont have to author or perfect the faith I need to be that Girl. He comes by His Word and by His Spirit and shows me the Way He is, and asks me to walk in that Way, so that I may become the Way He is. The only requirement is a willingness to bend and to yield to what He says is good. Sometimes all we have to offer is our willingness to say, "yes" to Him -- YES in the unknown, YES to the very, very hard things. YES to being His Girl. That willingness is shaped very much like a mustard seed and He, in His extravagance, credits that to me as righteousness. Isn't that something? #HisGirl #HisGirlisWilling #seeyouGirlsFriday

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